May 26th, 2010. 1500 hours - Deep in Yellowstone National Park we are sitting bumper to bumper in construction traffic – what better time to blog! The car behind us is full of guys wanting to know where we are from, in front of us sits a tired old man. The wind is whistling through the trees.. It’s so beautiful and peaceful here! So far we have seen Old Faithful, Midway Geysers and Painted Pots. We are on our way North to the Mammoth Hot Springs! Old Faithful is a favorite! It just reminds me of God’s constant faithfulness to me! It’s not predicable when Old Faithful will erupt or for how long or high it will spew water into the sky – but it will erupt! The Lord is like that, I can’t predict how or when He will work or move in my life but I know He will! The splendor of these mountains screams of their Creator – it’s like nothing I’ve seen before and God’s peace lies here.

1900 Hours and we are leaving the north end of Yellowstone and the Mammoth Hot Springs, beginning the slow winding decent to the south entrance and our hotel for the night – oh wait – detour, Christine is pulling off so we can see the falls!
Ok that was definitely worth the detour! It’s the prettiest thing I’ve seen this trip! Artist Point Falls.
I’m on sensory overload at this point! There is no way to describe the majesty all around! I’ve taken over 600 pictures and seen hundreds of buffalo (one almost charged our car!) Elk, a grey wolf, blue and red herons, chipmunks, squirrels….
The song “Majesty, Your glory and Your splendor, holy, Majesty, You fill my soul with wonder and unspeakable delight at Your holy majesty” is the closest I can come to describing today. He is SO good!

It’s hard to put this into words, but the last few days I have felt so free! I was driving around yesterday and was like wow I feel different – and then it hit me, no stress and I wasn’t multitasking! It was an incredible feeling to simply think of nothing! No wonder guys like their “nothing” boxes! I need to find out how to untangle my spaghetti brain more often and climb into that box!

Poor Christine, It’s like I’ve released a goofball whirlwind! I don’t remember the last time I was this goofy, free, and crazy. I’m having a blast! I didn’t realize how much the stress from work and school was weighing on me. Pray for Christine – 6 months of pent up goofiness just got released!
I’m praying that this trip will continue to be a time of fleshing and that I’ll be able to come back to work and normal life with renewed purpose and vision!
Tomorrow we plan to visit Fossil Butte and possibly the Grand Tetons.


Jeremy May 27, 2010 at 1:41 PM  

Sounds like you're having a blast. I'm sure Christine can handle a lot of goofy and don't be too afraid to bring some back home too.

Rachel May 28, 2010 at 4:57 PM  

Wow. And i thought our trip was good. Elk were cool enough, but buffalo! Lucky... This is from Jake

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