Friday May 28th, 2010

We left Kemmer WY as early as we could drag ourselves from bed and began the 9-hour drive to Mesa Verde CO. I’ve decided I really love YW! There’s real cowboys’ herding sheep and cattle in the fields with gorgeous ranches everywhere! The song home on the range is very fitting “where the deer and the antelope play…” We also crossed into Idaho and Utah. Idaho reminds me a lot of Oregon with the beautiful rolling plains with a backdrop of majestic mountains.

We made a detour to visit Arches National Park. So glad we did! It was beautiful!

The Lord used the Balanced Rock to remind me that He is balancing the world and essentially my life – not me! There is so much peace in that. I forget it so often and try to juggle everything on my own. “He’s got the whole world in His hands He’s got the whole world in His hands….”

I drove through the winding park and the hairpin turns and loved every minute of it! Guess I like living or “driving” on the edge more than I thought! We also passed through Moab Utah, which brought back a lot of memories from when I went there on the Ultimate Adventure trip 3 years ago with work. It was a slightly different experience this time! Last time I was a group leader with 12 teens and a 15-passenger van. J It was still a blast!

We arrived at Mesa Verde CO around 7pm and chose a campsite. We actually got a really nice one with a view of the mesa. Yeah for real food! We grilled chicken strips and made rice for supper!

I found out mummy sleeping bags were not designed for women with hips! I was just slightly claustrophobic much to Christine’s amusement! J I finally realized I had to move the bag with me – not try to move in the bag! I do love camping though!

It’s amazing to think we traveled through 4 states in one day. I’m on sensory overload. The majesty and beauty of the constantly changing landscape makes my jaw drop. Our Creator is rightly named. Creation screams in worship to Him! It was really neat to see the bigger picture as we drove through.

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