Vegas Girls Night

What happens when 3 goody two shoes girls go to Vegas for a night? – We have good, clean, no regrets-in-the-morning, fun of course! Although Jennee and I did get picked up! ;) – see story below! I’ve flown in and out of Vegas a lot but have never stayed or done anything. I had a blast driving through Vegas in all the traffic – though it was slightly nerve racking on the strip and I turned a the wrong way once! Christine is once again a great na
vigator. Jennee Klos (an old friend) was able to meet us and we stayed in the Paris Las Vegas. It was an awesome hotel. Everything was in replica of Paris- complete with the Eiffel Tower.

We had a great time getting all dressed up and ate a fancy meal on a balcony over looking the Bellagio Fountains. Working with teenagers I don’t get many chances to really get all dolled up – what a blast!!

We walked around and saw a lot of the cool arictecture, culture, fountains and flowers! Our hotel even had the ceilings painted like the sky and stone cobbled floors! We visited Caesar’s Palace too. The funniest thing that happened though was Jennee and I literally got picked up by several guys! Christine was back in the hotel room (she says she can’t ever leave us alone!) and Jennee and I were out walking around. The sky walks were p

acked so we decided to try to cross the strip - 8 lanes of traffic later and we realized the side walk on the other side was fenced off! We are all dressed up in little black dresses and heels mind you- the taxis are beeping at us and we can’t really climb this fence/wall. Quite a funny picture in retrospect. Well we’re walking along and these two guys see us & say hey! You shouldn’t be down there and without further ado reach down pick us up over the fence. Dresses and all! We were both startled but glad to be off the road.

They were nice guys but disappointed we weren’t going there way! realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore!

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