Jackson YW

Thursday May 27th, 2010

Jackson Hole WY – Cowboy town. I had no idea before we came here last night that Jackson was an old west town! I was thrilled! We stayed in the Historic Wort Hotel (Beautiful wood furnishings/carvings) Funny thing was my Pj’s matched the décor -complete with the teddy bear on the bed J! We got in really late from Yellowstone starving and nothing was open. The only thing in the room was a coffee pot so we got creative! Ramen noodles cook quite well in a coffee pot actually! Tonight was the same – only we had a microwave to work with so we cooked mac & cheese and hot dogs. (Sherrie if your reading this – yes I’m going to need to go on a cleanse to get rid of all the junk I ate on this trip!)

We slept in this morning, (which was wonderful!) - and then explored Jackson. Such a touristy but really fun town! All over the town are arches made of elk antlers. Christine and I got new cowboy hats – The only color I didn’t have yet was white so I figured why not?! J Christine, the wonderful friend that she is, knows how much I love cowboys so she found me one – only I’m afraid he’s a bit too old for me!

We also both bought teddy bears for the fun of it – shhhh it’s our secret!! The little girls hiding inside of us! We did however name them Smith and Wesson to make them seem tougher!

After lunch we went back to see the Tetons in the daylight – so Majestic.

We arrived at Fossil Butte National Monument, WY, later than expected but were still able to hike 4 miles before dark (barely!) It started getting dark when we were on the top of the butte surrounded by mountain lion tracks and a good mile + from the car. We made a funny pair hurrying down the Mt side. I kept furtively looking behind us and into the sagebrush while Christine’s bear bell rang loudly from her pack! I’m sure we gave Fredrick and Lucinda (the two mule dear that followed us along the ridge for the whole hike) something to laugh at!

It was a lot of fun hiking the buttes! It finally feels like all the running is paying off – 4 miles in high altitude desert and I was still raring to go. Is this what it feels like to be in shape? Wow it’s a first for me! J now to stay this way….. (no more ramen?)

Leaving bright and early for Mesa Verde, CO.


Trina June 1, 2010 at 7:53 PM  

Love all the pigtails with the cowboy hats!! :)

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