Dear Grandpa,
I miss you SO much! I know you have been gone for about a month and a half but I missed you in a huge way tonight. I was on my way home to see Mom for the weekend, and that's normally when I would call you. I cried for awhile! How long will I keep reaching for the phone to call and tell you something? I am so thankful you are out of pain - I wish I could see you gloriously transformed! oh but I do miss you so much! I had some good news I wanted to tell you about today. God healed my heart!!! It's been a long journey of pain since my break up & you were there for me every step of the way! I can't even remember how many times I called you crying or for advice on relationships! I could talk to you about anything and I appreciated that more than words can say. I miss our relationship talks! You always had good advice and were a great listener and comforter! The good news was that I have been praying for so long to get passed this pain that has been lingering on (it's been a long 7 months!) and someone how last week, God answered my prayers and just reach down & poof! The ache is gone. I'll always love him, he was my first love, but God made room for someone else. I can't wait to see who that will be & whom God will bring into my life! I wish I could share this with you!!! My biggest regret is that you won't be at my wedding someday! You wont walk Grammy down the aisle and sit up front in the place of honor, & I won't be able to look back at you & share of private smile of triumph! I wanted to be able to share that moment with you for a long time! When that time does come though I will be thinking of you! & all the talks we have had on how to have godly relationships since I was 16. We probably had hundreds of them. I laughed every time you called and asked me "So, how's your love life?" I think that was your favorite question! You asked it probably once a month. It probably seems silly to everyone else but I would give a lot to hear you ask that again. I miss you Grandpa! My love life is doing really well! God has healed my heart & I finally feel ready for when He brings someone else along, - I'm also falling in love with the Lord more and more every day! :) And there is NOTHING more precious than that!
Thank you for everything! I love you~
Your granddaughter,

-God, I don't know what ppl in Heaven can or can't see but if You could give him a hug from me & ask him how his love life is now that he's with you? ;)


Trina April 3, 2010 at 10:57 AM  

Land, you made me cry. (which isn't hard, ask J, but this was really sweet)

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